Fashion Resources

The most important part of fashion is making the pattern for your design. The following are the resources I have found as a fashion designer with many years of experience to be the best pattern making books available.

Another important part of your design is the fabric you select. Study textiles and the newest in technology combined with fashion for exciting results in your designing.

I strongly recommend that anyone wanting to become a famous clothing designer learn how to sew. Here are some excellent books to help you get started and improve your skills. If you know how to sew, you will be able to design a garment that you can make and a person can actually put on and wear.

Once I had someone bring me sketches and ask for patterns to be made. The person wanted the garments to be form fitted out of a non stretch fabric. They did not want any kind of opening in the garment. The more I explained that was not possible, the more insistent they became that is what they wanted. If they had learned to sew, they would have known the design they wanted would not be able to be worn by anyone unless the garment had an opening like a zipper to allow the person to put the garment on.