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Mac or PC: Would You Rather Buy a Mac or a PC?

At one point in our life, we will have to face the question about which computing system should we buy, a Mac or a PC? The fact that you got interested in this article and you started reading only shows that you are among the many confused consumers who haven’t made up their minds yet whether they should purchase a Mac computer or a PC.

To answer this ultimate question that could bug our minds for days, weeks, or even years, we have to justify clearly why you should buy a Mac, why you should buy a PC, and why you have to choose between the two. Ready? Here goes:

Why You Should Buy a Mac Computer

True, Mac products are generally expensive in price – not just the computer systems, but technically most of its products including iPods and Mac software. However, these high costs do have justification. Mac computers, as you would notice in Apple stores, are quite pricey compared to other computer systems because they come with a platform that is technologically advanced, virus-free, and stable.

Technologically advanced: The newer Mac systems are designed with a multi-touch technology that allows users to move and work on the items on the screen by just using their fingers and touching the screen. Mac systems make computer peripherals such as the mouse or web camera a thing from the past.

Virus-free platform: It is not yet 100% fully proven that Macs do not get infected with viruses. However, unlike PC units, Macs generally do not suffer from virus attacks, crashing, and constant reformatting. With Macs, you also do not have to worry whether an Internet site you are visiting is safe or not, or whether the drive you are plugging on to your system is clean or not. So, they are not just virus-free, but worry-free as well.

Stability: Do you know that you can work with your Mac OS for weeks without rebooting and it’s performance will never run down? So if you are the type of person who only goes away from the computer during “emergencies” , you will never hear your Mac computer complain.

BONUS! BONUS! These are not only the advantages of Mac systems. Fashion and innovation are also some of the things that Apple is proud of. If you want to be trendy, stylish, and popular among your cliques, then Apple computers and laptops could actually give you that stylish and elegant aura.

Why You Should Buy a PC

Are you a PC user ever since? Then, you should know that familiarity in using a PC, its low cost, and the wide options you have in choosing for one are the top reasons why you should choose a PC rather than a Mac.

Familiarity: This should be the top reason why you are buying a PC rather than Mac, especially if you have been used to working with Windows ever since. Switching to a Mac would require extra time and effort to familiarize yourself with a new platform.

Less cost: Without a doubt, PC units are a lot less expensive than Mac systems. For the same price as that of one particular Mac system with the standard specs, you can already get a PC with much more and higher features.

Flexibility and wider options: Aside from this, you have wider options with PC than with Mac as only Apple creates the latter. With PC, your choices include Dell, HP, Asus, Toshiba, Sony, and a much more brand names, helping you easily get what you want to provide you with what you need. You have greater flexibility in choosing which PC unit suits best for you

Ultimate Decision: Mac or PC?

Buy a Mac from Apple stores if:

-You have enough budget for it;
-You have no problem with learning a new platform and getting familiar with it;
-You don’t want to deal with frequent virus scanning and reformatting; and
-You want to be stylish and fashionable when it comes to your computer system.

    On the other hand, buy a PC if:

    -You do not want to spend so much for a computer;
    -You want to choose from wide options of computer brand names; and
    -You would rather work with Windows OS as you have become so much familiar with it;

      Now, it’s up to you to decide. While guides like this could only give you insights, it is still users like you who know which is the perfect computer system to use. Remember that whether you are a Mac or a PC, these advanced computers should teach you to become a better and more innovative person, instead of making you a technological slave.

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