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Using Metal Collar Stays Is The New Trend In Men’s Fashion

Using Metal Collar Stays Is The New Trend In Men's Fashion
Using Metal Collar Stays Is The New Trend In Men's Fashion

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August 14, 2013 – Covina, California — It’s no secret that dressing well impacts how confident a person feels. A perfectly fitting dress shirt can make a man feel confident, in control, and even invincible. The question is how to get that shirt to fit well and lay right. A big part of looking sharp lies in the collar.
Clean, crisp collars are the new trend in men’s fashion and using metal collar stays is the way to achieve them. The sloppy, wrinkled shirt look has been out for years. To keep their collars straight and sharp, fashion-conscious men have turned to using metal collar stays for dress shirts.

The Problem with Collars

Most button-down men’s dress shirts come with complimentary plastic collar stays to keep the shirt looking crisp while it’s in its packaging. However, quite often these plastic stays are not actually intended for use—or at least are not of a high enough quality to last long.
The problem with the plastic stays is that they warp and bend easily—which means they will make the shirt collar look warped and bent. They often don’t fit securely in the shirt collar pocket and slide around or come out easily. Fortunately, NeoStays new metal collar stays have the durability to keep shirt collars standing at attention without weighing them down.

The Best Solution for Your Collar

NeoStays metal collar stays are made of an alloy containing iron—meaning they will work with magnets, should you have the need. They include a rustproof and anti-corrosion coating to prevent unsightly rust stains—should they accidentally be washed.

Best yet, they are conveniently (and inexpensively) available on They come thirty stays to a pack and include four separate sizes (2.25, 2.5, 2.75, and 3 inches) to accommodate different collar styles. Whether you’re a straight point, button-down, semispread, or power suit spread kind of guy, they’ve got you covered.

These high-quality, metal collar stays are not just sturdier than plastic. According to customer reviews, they are also a little bit thicker than most other metal stays. This means they fit snugly (but not so much as to be noticeable) in the stay pockets of men’s shirt collars and achieve a smooth, straight line on any collar. Their edges are also perfectly smooth to keep them from catching on any stray thread as they go in the collar.

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