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His career in Fashion Design – 1

If you can read the colors, feel textures, and I think opinions can create the appearance – design Fashion is a good choice.

Fashion designers are the new trends, but must pass an entrance examination and the need to study. If you think shoes belts and hats are statements of style and speak louder and more eloquently than the actual design, complete the cut and contribute significantly to a whole other option could be to create jewelry accessories.

Another option could also be Fashion Marketing – lending their talents to the production process is an essential part of the fashion industry. Merchandising is a specialized management function in the fashion industry. fashion wholesalers are responsible selection of materials, liasoning with the production team and to meet market needs. The requirements of working knowledge of fashion trends, textures, materials and colors in one hand and understanding of market demand and production processes of the other.

(A) prospects

Employment opportunities exist in areas:

  1. 1.) Export houses dealing in exports of clothing and textiles made Hand /
  2. 2.) Retail clothing business and wholesale men / women / children in sportswear / casual wear, etc.
  3. 3.) Haute Couture
  4. 4.) Government / semiconductor manufacturers government-handloom/textile
  5. 5.) Organisers of the exhibition Fashion / Fashion publishers
  6. June.) TV / Film producers as program / fellows / costume designers, etc.
  7. 7.) In the production units of the film
  8. 8.) Teaching design

(B) Employment

Fashion Design

  1. 1.) Exploration and Research
  2. 2.) Sketch of the original idea on paper
  3. 3.) Adequacy of the pieces that make the garment
  4. 4.) Parts are drawn in actual size on paper and cutting of raw materials, assembled and mounted on a model.
  5. Five.) Changes in the pattern pieces or other characteristics model clothes are made, so the design is completed
  6. 6.) Garments are then put to the final fabric
  7. Junior Designer 7.) Junior designers general make the first cutting pattern. They meet the first tissue samples selected in the market.

Fashion Merchandising

  1. 1.) A salesman is primarily a coordinator.
  2. Merchandisers 2.) Study buying trends and needs of the buyer
  3. 3.) They collect the buyer’s specifications and coordination with fashion designers to develop a product that is specific to the market.

The accessory designers

  1. 1.) Accessory designers are trained as stylists for women from men, or accessories for children
  2. 2.) They specialize in the design and leather jewelry design, etc.
  3. 3.) After conducting a detailed investigation accessories required for the work, designers create new and attractive designs for their clients
  4. 4.) In the traditional sector, design studio, artisans working in the preparation of each subject each
  5. 5.) The work is sold in local shops in tourist destinations, Emporia and craft melas.

Jewelry Design

  1. 1.) Jewelry designers create new models for gold, silver and precious metal jewelry
  2. 2.) Large exporters employ designers or selected drawings of eminent independent
  3. 3.) Gemologists are experts in assessing quality, value and use of stones for jewelry. They are experts in the classification, selection and establishment of jewelry in various metals.

(C personality traits)

  1. 1.) Artistic, creative and imaginative
  2. 2.) Know-how of textiles
  3. 3.) Original and creative
  4. 4.) Flair for the creation of a tissue or stones
  5. 5.) Fashion Conscious
  6. 6.) Good communicators
  7. 7.) Persuasive
  8. 8.) Vision for Business

(D) Career Progression

  1. 1.) First, we must be prepared to work in a subordinate position as an assistant practitioner or design of the room and the work that could involve anything from the development of models for others to work as a colorist or role in a cutting pattern.
  2. 2.) You can expect to go from being an internal or a design assistant in the room and then an assistant designer designer and chief designer, even.
  3. 3.) Often means career advancement moving to a new employer.
  4. 4.) Once you have created yourself, you can see work on their own or on a freelance or start their own home design store /.

(E) Wages

  1. 1.) The best way for a beginner is to get associated with a designer or a design house in Instead, beginning with slave labor. Most designers seek compensation for students of about Rs 4000, but you can learn in terms knowledge work is immense. Working as part of a design team is sold for around Rs.12, 000 per month.
  2. 2). Once you have the know-how of how a self-employed designer, you can take any number of times of several months or years, you can work on your own terms and control your own price.

For more information on other relevant information on careers in fashion design, read the second part (2) of this section.

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