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Gain The Computer Fundamentals For Fashion Design

Many of us love the idea of being a fashion designer, setting and creating the new trends. But in this highly competitive industry you not only need the talent and creativity, you need the computer program fundamentals to succeed.

Any up and rising designer needs the skills necessary to become a fashion designer. One of which includes CAD skills in the programs currently used in the fashion industry. In the fashion industry, there are two types of software used:

-Vector software that creates crisp but unrealistic images; and

-Raster Software that can edit and manipulate images in order to refine details. It provides a more realistic look, which is much softer than Vector software results.

Both are used in the fashion industry alongside one another as well as to complete other aspects of projects. Thus they are just as important as one another to learn. Vector software, such as Adobe Illustrator, is used to render flat garments, logo or motifs. Images are made up using simple curves, lines and rectangles, keeping designs a simple representation of the design idea. Moreover, because the Vector format is simple, the main advantage is that the image has the same quality when you change the size, making it far easier to edit and manipulate. File sizes are also far smaller, making the images far easier to store.

Raster software on the other hand is used on realistic images, such as photographs, and can alter minor details or change entire designs with ease. Raster programs such as Adobe Photoshop allow you to manipulate images using the special effects and filters. Using this program, you can render your design in charcoal, pencil, glass and paint using the special effects in Photoshop. Although, this program does not keep the same quality of the image when size is altered, its main advantage is that you can alter small details pixel by pixel and add special effects.

To succeed a fashion designer needs to be able to use both programs, which will enable him/her to complete all aspects of the design project. These vital skills can be learnt as part of a University course, at an Adobe training course/class or by using computer based training in the home. Adobe training courses for the home are available in a number of formats, including on DVD, CD-Rom, online and via E-books and Adobe training guides.

If interested in a adobe training courses for the creative and fashion industry, such as Adobe CS5, visit

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