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What are the jobs in the garment / fashion that require a degree in business?

Ok … I am a boy, I will graduate high school in 2011 and thinking of a large company, then maybe an MBA. I love clothes and fashion (I mean that would not have to design or make things or the great so if a career mode does not work, I like clothes and fashion and thinks it would be nice to have a career in this.) I’m looking for a job in the fashion industry a degree of Fashion Inst necessary but a degree in business or economics is.

If you are interested in owning or managing your own store or boutique, a title business would be a good thing. There are also jobs in the fashion houses or companies as commercial director, public relations manager or fund manager degree in business or economics would be a good thing. One thing about the fashion industry is that you do not necessarily have a degree in fashion to get a job in it.