Become A Fashion Designer

Here is a step by step process to follow your dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Fashion Design Course
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The easiest way to start drawing your clothing designs, even if you are not a good artist is to use a set of female fashion figure templates in different positions so you can have the form under your drawing paper to trace the basic elements like shoulder width, arm length, body length and leg length. In this program just the female fashion figure templates are included but finding the male figure templates is easy to do.

If you are struggling with how to communicate your design style, how to draw and how to take your next steps of getting into the fashion industry and becoming a successful fashion designer the templates will speed up your skill development as well as give you the confidence to show your line. The templates will also help you know which designs can be made into patterns and which designs will not do well as patterns or finished garments.

Your design will look in proportion so you can get an idea if what you see in your mind looks like what you want when it is on paper.