A New Look At Fashion Design

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A new look at fashion design gives us a comparison of how the average fashion designer and the fashion industry handle the new trends that they are showing. As a clothing designer myself, I need to know this so I can use the best practices possible in my design business.

When you are considering what kind of garments you want to design and what fabrics you want to use to make those designs, you need to be aware of the impact you are making on the planet. Being on the fast track to becoming a designer, this information will help you throughout your career.

Fast Fashion Vs Slow Fashion

A New Look At Fashion Design

“Fast fashion” involves producing high volumes of clothing as quickly as possible to be worn for a short period of time and later discarded.

“Slow fashion” designers acknowledge that their design decisions affect the environment and people. These garments are made with higher quality of fabrics and offer customers timeless pieces to be worn for many years.

I guess I have always belonged to the slow fashion group because I love timeless pieces that are made well out of fabulous fabrics. A new look at fashion design just confirmed that for me.

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